Located in the heart of Gunnison, this quiet, exceptionally clean residential hostel feels like coming home.  Perfect for groups, families, couples, or solo travelers.  Our facility offers a large communal kitchen, living space, backyard, and both private & shared rooms.


The Wanderlust Hostel is only 28 miles from Crested Butte, and minutes from downtown Gunnison.  Hop on the free bus a block away and head up to CB for some great food, skiing, and shopping, or grab a hostel bike and cruise Gunnison.


Here at the hostel you will find everything you need to know about this amazing area, plus everything you need to make your stay an enjoyable one.  We are truly "a bed between adventures."


About Us

A bed between adventures. 


Meet The Team



Hey there, I’m Kylie! I moved to Gunnison after desperately missing having real winters and boy am I psyched to be romping in the snow again. I do fire ecology surveys in the summer and fall in the Sierra Nevada and am spending my winter/spring here skiing, working on random and silly art projects, and perfecting my dance moves to funky jams. Ask me about my favorite plant and tell me your best dad jokes.



Hi I'm Jess and I was born and raised in the lovely state of Colorado! I found my way to the Wanderlust Hostel after graduating with a degree in Biology from Western Colorado University. My days are filled with mountain bike rides and fueled by peanut butter on bananas or honey on pizza crust. When I'm not at the hostel I can be found counting ants and aphids at the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab in Crested Butte ... it sounds nerdy because it is :) 



Hello, I am Megan, nice to meet you!

I am super thankful to call the Wanderlust my home and place of employment this winter, and I’m super excited to meetcha!

You can find me eating sushi in the city market parking lot or wandering on a mountain, I do love to wander a good mountain. I love to play outside, play music, and play word games- I don’t always win, 9 times out of 10. 

The secret to my success? 

3 hours of practice, everyday, I’m on scrabble, words with friends, I’m just saying all the words I know, always getting ready, for the big boggle game in the sky.