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Community Journal

July 3rd, 2021

***This journal was started by a Wanderlust community member to bring humans together from all places and backgrounds. With sharing our innermost thoughts and feelings we can begin to feel less alone in this big, sometimes scary world. We will be posting anonymous pieces written by hostel guests and staff. Anyone is welcome to submit a piece of writing sharing their perspective, please send to***

I am starting this journal because I feel sad. I always have sad, lonely moments while traveling, contrasted by moments of such extreme love and connection with the people and the world around me. And I see my emotions mirrored all around me in the physical form of mountains. Maybe thats why I'm drawn to this place, I simply am the landscape.

When I am a low valley, I find comfort in knowing strangers, strangers who only hold a face in my mind, strangers who I only know as a shallow pool, have greater depths than I could ever imagine.

And I love stories, good, ugly, short, sad, bad.

I hope this journal gives a sense of anonymous community: we are invisible, but not alone.

-The creator of this journal

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